Using React within Angular’s MVC Architecture

Obviously, there is a talk about the view within Angular’s MVC architecture. We are very familiar with the angular, because it uses MVC architecture, uses dirty checking. I will mention later, it is also applicable to accept the performance fact loss to gain the great two way data binding it has. React renders the difference of only virtual DOM, and this makes the performance very fast. Therefore, how do we leverage React’s performance from our angular application? This is the question about us that can we maintain the two-way data flow.In addition, this reflects that we will make use of react components, which are composed of aninputandpto model. We will also add a button to our component that will demonstrate component on the destruction of scope. This is always one of the best things available to build the best imaging and graphics.React Angular

Data component specifies the react component, and we want to stand. Data Control makes use of the controller functions we want to inject into the directive. This will allow me to make use of parent data model. Parent-ng-data model is model we are going to pass between our react view and angular view.So this is the method, which is a very effective model at all to utilize the proper modeling of the functions.

We can confirm the functionality of the Angular module as:

1)      Helping in specify the DOM elements that the component should be mounted onto.

2)      Making the solid arrangements to pass the scope and element attributes to the component.

3)      Rendering the react component when the changes have been made to the model.

4)      Process completion of unmounting when the angular scope is destroyed, and this is very important to check that angular modeil has performed very well.

Obviously, we can see the skeleton of our module how it looks. In order to retain the code in state of extensible and modular, we will create the factory that will house our factory components, which are currently unmounts and just render.

If data-ctrl has been used in order to specify the controller, then we will prefer to inject the S Controller service, which is good for the proper creation of the modules. Here, we will mention an isolated scope with two ways binding on data ng model. When we flesh out the Component factory, we will need to know how to unmounts and render components. This is always one of the best things available for us, to make use of the proper modeling.

AngularIf we take into consideration the react component, this will perform an update on it if the react component was rendered previously into the container. This is always one of the best options available. This-rendering function will be carried out every time with the passage of time with the update of model.

Data component specifies the react components, which are required to be mountedwith the data. Data ng model is the model that specifies component to be accessible. Here, S data model is that model we are going to pass with the components.