Why Trump administration is looking to stop funding and privatize the ISS?

There is a major question that what will be happened next if the U.S government stops funding for the International Space Station (ISS) by the end of 2024. A document of NASA received by The Washington Post, indicating a plan to privatize the ISS, as it is a part of Trump administration budget request. This plan would request funding to support commercial entities and capabilities and it might be starting with $150 million in fiscal 2019. It could potentially fill the role of ISS, including specific elements or capabilities of the station. It wasn’t mentioned how the privatization would work, but the U.S administration wouldn’t be in a rush to disregard the ISS. The objective of Trump administration might be a smooth and uninterrupted transition to private outfits.


This strategy of U.S administration might experience a number of opposition, not just within the United States. It is important that the ISS Stations was established in collaboration with a number of countries and governments. So, how can the U.S administration privatize the entire station or a portion of ISS with the involvement of other countries? Point to be noted that both the Trump administration and new administrator of NASA have shown their willingness and backing privatization of ISS. The U.S politicians might powerfully object the decision due to it has been considered wastage of investment. It would be a terrible threat of interference to the U.S economic and scientific field. The U.S Senator Ted Cruz already refused the proposal of canceling funding for ISS and said it a serious usable life ahead.