Supercharger of Tesla come online with rest stops in California

The new charging stations of Tesla are now ready for prime time, as most people were waiting for the announcement by the company and currently there will be just 2 of them. The Electrek has reported that Tesla has 2 new active stations in California, one is in Kettleman City and it is located between Los Angeles and San Francisco. The other one is in Baker and located between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. As shown in the pictures published by Electrek. The newly online travel stations look a lot like a gas station without the gas. The published images by Elektrek also indicated that the rooftops of the charging stations have solar panels.

Supercharger of Tesla

The website pointed out that Tesla stations will still likely need to pull power from the local grid if things get busy. Moreover, there seems to be some kind of product showcase in what Electrek has named it the lounge. It might have products such as solar panels and Power-wall units for customers to check out. It shouldn’t be considered big surprise that these Tesla charging stations channel will use existing places like truck stops. The Verge pointed out that it will utilize basic gas stations that have attached convenience stores. It has been considered interesting to find out how many consumers will visit. It might be revealed very soon that it will use the station in the near future, but it looks like a much better way of breaking up a long trip for Tesla owners.