Student of CMU will deliver 4th Relief Trip to Puerto Rico

A brilliant student at Carnegie Mellon has made a significant amount of effort in bringing relief to Puerto Rico. There are a large number of people still don’t have pure drinking water and at least half of the island still hasn’t power after 2 months of disastrous Hurricane Maria. It looked like a victory party, but Revel + Roost restaurant downtown was packed for a fundraiser for Puerto Rico, which is still blinded from hurricane destruction. Rosana Guernica said, “When Hurricane Maria first hit, everyone, knowing I was Puerto Rican, asked me, ‘where can I donate?’ and I didn’t know the answer”. So, Guernica came up with an answer. She started raising money to charter private planes to fly Puerto Rico. She started delivering supplies and bringing back critical patients still in need of medical care.

Rosana Guernica

 She said, “I’m talking to my friend who informs me her baby niece doesn’t have any water to mix their food with, and I’m talking to my other friend whose aunt died from dehydration”. On Saturday, there will be the 4th trip of Guernica to Puerto Rico and each time the efforts are getting bigger and bigger. Guernica said that it is a plane to carry 150-passengers and 130 of them are serious patients. The other 20 passengers are going to participate in relief efforts as volunteers and physicians for the safety of the patients. Guernica and her supporters need to make sure that Puerto Rico isn’t forgotten. The destruction of Hurricane Maria is everywhere and the people are still living without water and power. She stressed that there is a massive need for medical supplies for people. She further said that he mother is about 79 years old and she’s got Stage 4 cancer, and she’s on oxygen, but she was living without power for a number of days.