Marijuana legalized in various States including Oregon in the United States

The wet forests of Oregon were being an ideal place for growing the drug before the Oregon legalized marijuana. Now, the officials have indicated that suspect pot grown legally in Oregon and other states is being smuggled out. These activities are putting the American multi-billion dollar marijuana industry at risk. So, pot legal states are looking to clamp down on Diversion. The U.S Attorney General Jeff Sessions expressed to forcefully implement the federal laws against marijuana smuggling. The data collected after legally tracking from the fields and greenhouses, and its delivery to the shops where it was being sold under names, such as Blueberry Kush and Chernobyl. The Governor of Oregon, Kate Brown recently signed a law that state lawmakers track from seed to store for entire marijuana grown for sale in the legal market of Oregon.

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Point to be noted that just recreational marijuana has been considerably tracked. The Speaker of the Oregon House, Tina Kotek said that legislators needed to ensure “We are protecting the new industry that we are supporting here”. She added that “There was an actual recognition that things might be changing in D.C. The Washington State Liquor & Cannabis Board also indicated that it tracking will be replaced on 1st November with more secure, scalable, flexible, reliable and secure system. The California voters also approved Florida-based Franwell for its recreational pot market using a tracking system run by Lakeland. Now, sales of marijuana have been legalized since 1st January. Franwell also has the ability to track marijuana using bar-code and radio frequency recognition labels on plants and packaging in Oregon, Colorado, Alaska, Michigan, and Maryland.