Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have same Number of Super-Delegates

Many political spectators were amazed to find that Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton had supposedly the equivalent number of Granit State representatives to the Democratic convention, in spite of extra margin for the victory of Bernie Sanders. A number of supporters of Sander hooted on the offensive social media and restrained delegates that popular as “Super-delegates” of their extraordinary position for center of attention. On 9th February the Super-delegates assigned the edge of Sanders victory. This victory was not assigned by his supporters, but it is according to the office statement. It is important that Super-delegates are the members of Democratic Congress, Governors, some former officials and party leaders. This delegation represents about 20 percent of the entire convention delegates and they didn’t oblige to any specific Presidential candidate.US

Bloomberg has guaranteed to support Hillary Clinton than Bernie Sanders for the presidential election 2016. In the case, if Clinton and Sanders were assigned the same number of delegates for primary night due to irregularity of news reporting. Most of the other news outlets don’t consider votes of Super-delegates but they can declare their predictions at any time. Those predictions are worthless until the final results of the Presidential elections 2016. The Democratic convention held in Chicago in 1968 and the delegates left after the murder of New York Senator Robert Kennedy. At that time, after killing of Robert Kennedy, Minnesota Senator Eugene McCarthy also left as candidate, and both were anti-war minded and both had a majority of delegates. A Vietnam War defender Hubert Humphrey didn’t campaign but nominated as candidate, but he was defeated by Richard Nixon in the general election.