HBO is now Free to all AT&T Unlimited Customers

The competition is heating up a number of freebies wireless carriers to mug up a single plan. The T-Mobile earlier announced that the company is offering Netflix to its some customers for an unlimited plan, but after a couple of days, AT&T is increasing the price. It will be started on Friday and all AT&T customers will be able to get one of the unlimited plans of the company in accessing the HBO for absolutely free. If you have already subscribed the HBO through streaming service or AT&T cable, you will be able to get a rebate for the extra 15 U.S dollars per month. Everyone else will also be able to get access to HBO through the Go app of HBO. The AT&T customers already having access to HBO with top-end Unlimited Plus plan of 90 U.S dollars per month will be able to get with an extended offer of Unlimited Choice line to anyone at 60 U.S dollars per month.

AT&T and HBO

There might be no limit regarding the number of lines you often need to have on the account to be eligible, such as Netflix deal of T-Mobile. Free HBO is now on the top for an existing credit of 25 U.S dollars a month and AT&T will provide it to unlimited customers towards their choice of AT&T video service. It has been considered a much better deal and the entire part of AT&T’s push to get as many customers as possible subscribed to a bundle of AT&T services, instead of just wireless. The less likely they might be less to switch away due to more services a customer is subscribed to. Most of the wireless carriers have a big issue with loyalty. Free Netflix is a great option, but there are some in too many restrictions on T-Mobile’s offer to call it a great deal.