Glassdoor Raises $70 Million Funding

Glassdoor is a website, that offers the employees a forum to discuss the nature of their companies, working environment, and salary packages, a company offers, has announced that $70 million funding has increased led by the Google Capital, Tiger Global, and late stage growth equity funds. Similarly there are also other participants included, which are Stter Hill Ventures and Batter Ventures. With this, new round brings Glassdoor’s total funding to over $160 million. In this way, this is always a good thing to consider for the Glassdoor.

Google CapitalGlassdoor is best known for its ranking because of its largest available platform with more than 27 million members. More than 2,000 companies are using the recruiting and branding tools. In total, more than 31,500 companies also make use of Glass door’s free employer accounts in order to get the reviews, and its users have more than 8 million reviews, which is a very good thing at all to serve in the largest available proposition.  This website covers more than 340,000 companies over 190 countries and territories. This company is the first company, that has launched its website in another language that is in French, and all of its apps are in French. This reflects that how popular this website is in the growing competition.

GlassdoorThere is an gigantic opportunity with this company with $90 billion global employment and recruiting market, in this way this is good to be under the guidance and supervision of the glass door. Moreover, Glssdoor also plans to hire over 100 people to its roster this year alone.