Apple will create 20,000 New Jobs in the United States

Apple has shown its interest to invest in the U.S economy and announced a batch of investment. The company also confirmed that it will invest a total amount of 350 billion U.S dollars into the U.S economy. The company highlighted its focus on new jobs creation. It is expected that Apple will spend at least 30 billion in capital expenses during the next 5 years in order to create over 20,000 new jobs. These new positions will be offered at its existing building and a new location (not yet announced) with a major focus on tech support. The company is also draining more investment into domestic manufacturing. The size of Advanced Manufacturing Fund is being expanded from 1 billion U.S dollars to 5 billion U.S dollars.

STEAM programs of Apple

It would provide a significant amount of help to existing American suppliers and foreign firms planning to set up shop in the United States. Apple also stressed that company will support the next generation of students. The company is enlarging its current efforts in supporting coding and STEAM programs (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math), and attaching new programs in providing a helping hand for teachers. The company also indicated that it will pay up to 38 billion U.S dollars in expulsions due to recent modifications in the American tax law. The company said that this payment has been considered the largest ever made payment. Now, the American companies are looking under pressure in order to show their contribution to the U.S economy. It is important that Apple hasn’t yet announced that how the company will contribute 350 billion U.S dollars.