Actress Bella Thorne got massive support from her fans on Sexual Abuse

The actress Bella Throne announced on social media that she was a victim of sexual abuse when she was a child. After her posted statement on social media, a large number of her fans started driving support for Bella Throne. She said in her statement that she was sexually abused and physically growing up when she was just 14. This was her initial time period when she got braveness to lock the door at night with a bad person, all damn night. She was starred in “Famous in Love” at the age 20. She shared her true story on Sunday at the 75th Golden Globe Awards. She also called for an end to sexual harassment and violence. She said that she was waiting for someone to get the benefit of my life again. She waited for over and over to stop it, and finally, she did it.

Actress Bella Thorne

Thorne said that most of us aren’t lucky to get out alive. So, it is the time to stand up for every mistreated soul. On Sunday, she tweeted that she never knew about right or wrong and she didn’t know the person snitching into her bedroom at night was a really bad person. But, the former Disney star didn’t mention the name of abusing person. Her fans immediately started posting their moral support. Some of her fans also shared their own sexual abuse stories. Thorne posted a tearful video on Monday to thank her every fan. She said, “I am on Twitter and reading all the people sharing their stories about sexual abuse. I just need to say that I really proud of all you guys”.